Our story as Dr.Mery started in 2010.We dreamed first.We thought of shoe but we dıdn’t to get a simple shoes.We dreamed of a shoe that people would prefer and be happy with.

We want peace when it is worn. To be happy to be comfortable and to be a useful shoe for our foot health.

That’s how our shoe story started.We found that Dr.Mery shoes should not be preferred only by thoes who have serious medical conditions,these ideas are no longer behind,and even foot health problems are important in young ages.

We believed that standarts should not to be compromised from fashion when producing Dr.Mery

We didn’t want only the name of the shoe that we desingned to be medical.we made small touches,we put steel bow (shock absorber)on the base,with this steel bow ( shock absorber) the calf muscle pump is operated in every step taken,

thus the dirty blood pumped to the heart as well as the the shock from the back of this steel bow

( shock absorber) with the help of the heel.

With comford footwear of daily life,we wanted to get tired feet beside the comfortable walking.

We wrote our story ın the title of Dr.Mery brand

from the wery beginning we thought differently,we made a different product,we have produced comfortable contemporary stylish shoes.

Our shoes have a story and we want you to accompany it.We wish you will have many stories with Dr.Mery shoes.

Dr.Rıfat Topçuoğlu

(Medical Dr.)